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12 Feb

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I woke up this morning and cleaned my kitchen after a fun night in with a few close friends. While I was cleaning this was on mind.

I feel that working in a flower shop all week has solidified the fact that I really am cynical. I told my aunt, who owns the shop, that I feel that the people spend 100s of dollars so their boyfriends or girlfriends can have a moment to show off their pretty flowers and chocolates to their colleagues is ridiculous. I feel that the people who spend more are guilty of something – probably cheating. I have hand written cards and seen the amount of time people put into Valentine’s Day, year after year. I don’t get it! The times I have had a Valentine have been awesome, but I have never gone through so much trouble planning out this commercialized holiday. Cook me some food and treat me nice, and I’ll be yours!

I am going to Vegas next month for my Birthday and am debating on whether I should plan out a day or be completely spontaneous. I usually prefer the latter. However, there will be a group of my family and friends and I would like at least one meal or event spent together. Thoughts or suggestions?

I was also thinking that the original blogs were aimed towards Latin celebrities (I started this for a Latin media course) and were kinda interesting and informative. I have not figured out what direction I would like to have this blog aimed towards. If I do not choose one, it will be everywhere….If you don’t believe me, reread this post. Random.


It’s been a while, but I’m back

26 Jan

I originally started this page for a course that I was taking at UT in Austin. I wanted to update this really quickly to inform any followers I may have that I will continue blogging. However, I have not decided what aim I would like this to go towards. More blogs to come soon…

Ricky Martin is out, proud, and still #1!

17 Feb

Latin superstar Ricky Martin made his debut at 12 years old during his boy band years with Latin group, Menudo. After five years with the group Martin pursued a solo career. He released his first album and had a few acting gigs in Mexico and The US, but it was not until 1999 that his hit single “Livin La Vida Loca” made him a known star worldwide. His album sold over 17 million copies, which was then followed with another hit in 2000, “She Bangs.” In 2007, he earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and in 2008 his twin sons were born via a surrogate mother.

The first two years he spent raising his sons, but when he came back to the spotlight in 2010 with his Spanish album “Musica+Alma+Sexo” he announced that he was a “fortunate homosexual man.” He spoke to Oprah about about his kids, being out, and life. His current album landed him latin music’s highest chart debut since Selena’s “Dreaming of You” in 1995 and his single “Lo Mejor De Mi Vida Eres Tu” still hold the #1 spot in the country for latin songs.

On the 2010 Latin Grammy’s he performed his #1 single and on this year’s Grammy awards Ricky Martin was a presenter for Lady Gaga. She performed her new single, “Born This Way.” In the song she sings, “no matter gay, straight, or bi, lesbian, transgendered life, I’m on the right track, baby. I was born to survive…..I was born this way.” Coincidence? I think not!

Martin is currently on tour. Check out tour dates at

J.Lo is back and she is still a triple threat!

17 Feb

Jennifer Lopez got her start as a dancer from the Bronx and early in her career appeared in movies. Although, It was not until her appearance as slain Tejano superstar, Selena, that Lopez emerged into superstardom. Since Selena she has been a triple threat: Dancer, actress, and singer. At one point Lopez had the #1 movie and #1 album in the country. After being wed to Latin singer, Mark Anthony, and giving birth to a set of twins Lopez had been out of the public eye.

Now she is back and still a triple threat: Superstar, husband, children! She is a judge on the #1 show in America, American Idol, her busband is currently working on his own career, and her kids are the face of Gucci’s new kids line. When Jennifer Lopez first gave birth to her kids she did not want their faces photographed. That is no longer the case. Her kids are now the faces of one of the most famous and successful high end fashion brands that models and celebrities only dream of being on. They are online, in tabloids, and in newsstands around the country. It was not until the last Vanity Fair issue that I saw the ad, but they definitely are following their parents star worthy footsteps.

Jennifer Lopez and her beau agreed to this project due to altruistic intentions. Gucci donated $1 million to the UNICEF’s Schools for African initiative.

Puro Café Colombiano

4 Feb

Columbian model and actress, Sofia Vergara, has had huge success throughout South and Central America. Within the past 10 years she has made herself a success in North America. She hosted a show on Univision and is now in the hilarious sitcom Modern Family. Modern Family has scored her an Emmy and Golden Globe nomination along with appearances on many talk shows, where she is not embarrassed to hide her Columbian roots or talk about her curvy figure! Currently she is busy in New York City filming her new movie “New Year’s Eve.”

On her first appearance on The Ellen Show she tells Ellen that she was on the beach in a g-string 20 years ago when she was casted for her first commercial which led to her career choice. Sofia quickly makes it known though, that she would have preferred an entrance with latin music, Columbian coffee, and tells Ellen that she would not take a picture with her son, Manolo, when he visited Ellen’s show. The bombshell’s funny comments and sarcastic sense of humor not only made the audience laugh, but it scored her a second visit on the show where all her demands were met. Her success is only rising!

She got what she asked for!

Hello world!

24 Jan

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